Education / 教育

We organize and support educational projects.

  • Experiences at NBA / 子供達をNBAの舞台へ
  • Japanese High School Exchange Program / 高校生文化交流プログラム
  • Summer Camp for Kids / サマーキャンプ斡旋
  • Art School in Los Angeles / アートスクール
  • Study Abroad / 留学サポート
  • Homestay Program / ホームステイプログラム
  • All-USA Japanese Speech Contest / 日本語スピーチコンテスト全米大会、テクニカルサポート、オーガナイズ

Experience at NBA

We arrange events in which Japanese basketball and cheerleading teams perform at NBA venues. Our partners include LA Clippers, Golden State Warriors, and Washington Wizards.


NBA Offical Video: We coordinated this Half-Time Show!!

Japanese High School Exchange Program

In cooperation with local governments and high schools in Japan, we arrange, attend, and photograph cultural experience programs for high school students.


Summer Camp / サマーキャンプ

We will arrange Summer Camp programs in the U.S.


Art School /アートスクール

We have a class at Downtown Crafting Station.


Homestay Program / ホームステイ

Homestay with carefully selected and trusted families in Los Angeles.
Minimum stay: 3 days



Study Abroad / 短期留学、語学学校、カレッジ、大学&大学院

We will arrange a short term ( Under three months without a visa) to Graduate Schools.